Rainbow Canyon RetreatThe most empowering gift you can give a person is control over his own life!

The Rainbow Canyon Retreat program has a full body sauna detoxification and purification program that removes all the drug residues in the body, which are the major causes of cravings and relapse. - To find out more details about the scientific research that was done on our New Life Detoxification Program®, click here

Welcome to Rainbow Canyon Retreat

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Program Overview

The program generally takes 3-5 months to complete, but can in some instances take longer, depending on the various individual cases and specific needs. Our program is closely supervised by full time staff members who live in-house and are available 24 hours a day.

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Treatment Philosophy

The Rainbow Canyon Retreat program does not utilize traditional treatment methods such as the 12-Step approach. Our program is very extensive and takes an alternative holistic approach to rehabilitation, using our own unique form of cognitive therapy and physical purification.

Family Consultation

Family Consultation

The Rainbow Canyon Retreat drug rehab program understands that addiction not only effects the addicted individual, but it is also extremely hard on the family. We do everything possible to make the smooth transition into treatment and keep the family updated on how things are going. Usually, what the family needs is just plain sound advice and encouragement from an experienced Rainbow Canyon Retreat family consultation advisor.

Our Facility

Our Facility

Facility Pictures

The Rainbow Canyon Retreat facility is located 6 miles south-west of Caliente, Nevada. The Rainbow Canyon Retreat facility is a spacious, redwood lodge, nestled on 320 beautiful acres.